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How will Brexit impact basement conversion in London?

The reality is that the future of the UK’s relationship with the EU is still unclear, and there is still a huge amount of uncertainty about the actual impact that Brexit will have on the residential investment market in London. It is only in the near future that we will know whether Brexit along with the withdrawal agreement will have a positive or harmful effect on the UK economy and the residential investment market.
This prolonged period of unpredictability has been and will continue to be very damaging to the already fragile confidence of domestic and foreign investors who are looking to acquire a piece of the once booming London housing market. The UK is currently in the midst of a housing crisis and Brexit uncertainty is contributing to this. House prices are decelerating in previous prime spots such as London and Aberdeen. Whereas, cities in the north such as Leicester and Birmingham are experiencing a rapid growth in house prices. Unfortunately, the freedom of buy-to-let investors is being restricted by new additional regulations and taxes. The introduction of interest rate growth by the Bank of England is also prompting investors to make more simple residential investment decisions.
According to data from Rightmove, house prices in London have dropped by 1.7% in November 2018 (Rightmove Property News,2018). The value of the London housing market has fallen far more than any other UK region. Even some of the most expensive residential areas in Europe such as Kensington and Chelsea, have seen a drop-in property listing prices. As a result of these price reductions, basement conversion and extension are becoming a more popular and feasible option for home owners in many London areas. More and more London homeowners, are choosing to contact basement specialists to oversee the expansion of their homes, thereby increasing its value. Adding a basement to a home can increase its square feet without having to forfeit any outdoor or indoor space. Furthermore, London basement conversion has an abundant amount of benefits which also include creating space for a personal workspace or an additional room which could generate rental income. Basement specialists, such as Cavendish Basements can do this along with providing an exceptional service that increases the dimension and economic value of a London home by creating a basement and expanding it in line with our client’s needs. Unlike many other basement specialists we pride in ourselves in offering an end to end service utilising our in house architect and construction teams to successfully deliver our projects.

Overall, Basement conversion and extension is becoming more common because it is an option that has less short-term financial risk and more long-term financial benefits compared to purchasing a new residential asset in London that is more than likely to be decreasing in economic value. Contact Cavendish Basements to start your basement conversion project.

Basement Lighting Ideas

When you construct your basement project it is important to plan and prepare for a multitude of things in order to minimise costs and to be satisfied with the end product. If you are taking the next steps with your basement it is most likely serving some purpose that was missing from your home and without planning may not satisfy that need, resulting in wasted resources. One factor that often slips people’s mind is basement lighting but as a London basement specialist company, we are here to give you some advice.

Luckily there are a few ways to go about this issue that your favourite specialist basement company can suggest to give your London basement the light it needs whilst still maintaining good aesthetics. For example, one could consider using window glazing on the roof of the basement to allow natural light to come through. This is an option that could keep your property looking modern, sleek but also effective. A similar idea can be used on doors in the basement as well as staircases to reflect as much light as possible to really increase basement lighting.

If your basement is placed so that there is no option for natural light to come through a window, there are still some options you can consider to still make your London basement be sufficiently lit and to feel inviting (Obviously, one could utilise these options as well as what has been mentioned beforehand).

Make the ceiling as high up as possible to allow more space in your basement and to reduce the feeling of being cramped, this will naturally help with the lighting as well. We are a basement excavation company as well as specialist basement conversion company all based in London so we can guide you through the process of ceiling heights and other suggestions mentioned here. Another option is to paint the walls with bright colours such as white and this will allow for more light to reflect to brighten up your basement project. A similar idea can be used for flooring as this will allow a whole other surface to contribute to providing more light. A simpler idea that can be used regardless of your choice, is use of lamps/artificial lighting to maximise basement lighting. This is simple but very effective, especially when used in tandem with the other ideas previously mentioned. By doing this you can light up those harder to reach corners and ultimately make your London basement, a much more pleasant place to be.

If you utilise these ideas, your basement is going to be far more inviting and be used more often. As basement construction specialists, we at Cavendish Basements take pride in what we specialise in and like to keep our customers informed. If you have any questions or wish to receive further details on ideas like this or how to get started with your own London basement, contact us here. We are confident that we can deliver a product you envision and ensure that all factors are considered before initiating the project in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

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Interior Design Trends 2018

If you are an avid reader of Cavendish Basement’s blog pieces, you have probably heard us emphasise how we like to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry so that we can offer our customers the best experience with the interior design trends 2018. This allows our basement construction specialists to offer you ideas and new perspectives that you may not have considered when planning your new basement extension or redesign. In this piece, we will briefly explain some, what appear to be, the newest interior design trends for this year and how one could implement it in their basement.

Bathroom spas are an easy idea to implement in a bathroom due to the location making it easy to isolate and incorporate. According to Pinterest the keyword bathroom spa, has increased by 269% in their searches. This statistic definitely suggests a trend for this year and may encourage you to consider it more than ever. There are so many unique ways to implement this idea into your basement such as Jacuzzi baths, steam rooms and more. This would be a brilliant way to make your London basement your own mini get-away and we as a basement specialist company are confident we can produce a high quality finish to perfect this vision.

Another trend that seems to be searched more frequently, is pattern plants. Again, according to Pinterest,  this term is up 533%. Although this would be a minor implementation into your London Basement, there are still many applications. This is also a very cost effective way to spruce up your property and make it look more appealing without emptying your pockets. Whatever path you choose to take with your London Bathroom, patterned plants are a simple but effective way to bring new life.

Another popular trend that we want to touch on today is customisation, including basement conversions themselves. This trend has been spiking in recent years, resulting in basement conversions and construction being more popular than ever. This is the perfect time to start considering the basement extension that you have been thinking about. If you are looking for more reasons, here is a piece we did earlier this year on reasons to consider a London Basement.

A few other interior design trends that one should consider is the types of materials and colours one can implement in their London Basement, these come down to personal preference and are heavily influenced by what path you take with your basement project. There are a few colour schemes and tones that seem to be blowing up, including herringbone, green tones, tropical prints (which we touched on earlier) and ice cream shades. We can also help guide you on these details through to the excavation process. We are experienced London based, basement specialists so if you have any questions or would like to receive further guidance, then contact us at Cavendish Basements here. We will work relentlessly to make sure you are happy with the direction of your basement and will help work with you to deliver your vision.



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Garden Basement

When you come to Cavendish Basements with the intent to start organising a basement project for your property, we like to present you every option there is even if it seems unconventional. We pride ourselves on being able to treat every project as a unique experience and being able to tailor it to yourself and your needs. So in this article, we are going to cover some options you can consider when evaluating your London basement.

For example, if you are limited with space to build under your house, one could alternatively utilise their garden space to construct the basement under instead of the conventional idea of placing it under the house foundation. With garden basements in London, there are a range of options that one could play with when determining how they would want to use their new space.

One option that would be unique is using that garden basement as an office/work station because it can suit whatever profession you are in. Whether it be a simple office job or a professional musician/producer, this space could help you get away from the house and allow you to have a quiet (sound proofed) room. No matter your line of work, we at Cavendish Basements as a basement specialist company, are confident we could find you an exciting idea that will suit your needs.

Due to the constricted space in London, another potential use for a garden basement could be a storage area. This can be used as an underground garden shed or a subterranean winery depending on what you prefer. This will give you room to store bicycles, tools, garden equipment and more. In some cases, creating a winery under your garden allows you to have easy temperature controls and if space permits you, one could implement a bar down there. This would be a great spot to entertain guests or family and allows one to truly make it their own London basement.

London basements are often utilised as getaways from the house, which can result in some unique ideas for basements. For example, one could use their garden basement as a spa, sauna or pool to be able to relax in a stress free environment right by your house. This shows how important it is to think outside of the box when undertaking a project like this because you have a vast range of options.

We at Cavendish Basements are confident that we can guide you through this process with our team of professionals who can discuss every option you have to ensure your satisfaction with the end product. We are experienced basement construction specialists and with our experienced team, you can rely on us to implement your vision. Contact us here to get in touch and we will work hard to walk you through any information you would need to undertake a basement project for your home.



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Your new London Basement or Penthouse?

Often when one thinks of a basement, typically a dusty, dark uncomfortable image comes to mind, however, are perceptions starting to change in this new age? Are London basements starting to become more valued as space becomes tougher to come by? Some think so and as a specialist basement conversion company, we at Cavendish Basements believe so as well.


We also think that basements reflect your tastes as well as whatever purpose you want it to serve and because of this one could easily transform their basement into a luxurious penthouse getaway. With some basements consisting of multiple rooms and being as large as the property on the surface, this is not too hard to imagine.


By digging and expanding your home underground there are almost infinite combinations one could toy with in order to customize their own penthouse basement and increase property values. This means that any family or property owner can consider this project and tailor it to their own needs and wants. Due to the diverse range of sizes that basements can consist of also makes the service very customisable to your own vision, from a small luxurious basement suite all the way through to a multi-story excavation that contains swimming pools, gyms, cinemas and more. This makes it a very exciting prospect for homeowners and means anyone can get involved. As established basement construction specialists, we are confident that we can orientate you on your plans and help you execute your very own penthouse.


Basement construction requires specialists that are confident in their products and skills. We at Cavendish Basements like to reflect both of these traits in every project we undertake and if your plan is to make your basement echo a penthouse finish, then this will be crucial. We have touched slightly on different options one could toy with for their basement penthouse such as swimming pool considerations and gymshere. We are confident that no matter what direction you wish to take your venture, Cavendish Basements can help you achieve that vision and even help work with you to see what other options are at your disposal.


If you would like to start tailoring your penthouse basement or have any questions, contact Cavendish Basements here and we as London basement specialists can help you get started.


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London basement swimming pool

Often times our potential as individuals are limited to what we think we are and are not capable of. This can result in missed opportunity, so one way to avoid this is by keeping your mind open to what you want without thinking if it is possible first.

This brings me to the topic of the day, which is about your London basement swimming pool. This may seem unfeasible, especially living in London but we as a basement conversion company can advise you on how to approach this exciting new project. The following is a basic and brief idea of what processes need to occur for this installation: site survey, contract signing, design/planning, Party Wall agreements (see last week’s blog) through to the construction stages.

Depending on the build of your house there are a few types of pools you can choose from, so virtually anyone can get a pool done in their property’s basement. These include but are not limited to, lap pools, hot tubs, hidden pools with retractable flooring or even the conventional natural swimming pool. Most popular choices along with the pool include saunas, gyms & steam rooms but the exciting aspect is getting to personalise it to your taste. Even if you are a customer with a basement pool with chlorine, it is possible to convert that into a freshwater pool thanks to biometric technology. This is why it is important to not assume you cannot achieve your basement dream and that exploring your options is always worth it. At Cavendish Basements we are confident we can advise you on those options and guide you to achieving your dream property.

Planning is vital to the success of this project as there are many rules and regulations that need to be followed such as size and depth restrictions. If you contact us here at Cavendish Basements, we will assess your space and advise you on your potential options to make this project run as smoothly and quickly as possible to minimise inconveniences. It is also important to realise what you want out of your swimming area including water type. Luckily there are more options for your pool water so that your basement will not constantly smell like chlorine, therefore freshwater pools are typically the favourite of consumers.

Do not assume that you cannot achieve this dream simply because you live in London and have no space. We at Cavendish Basement can help you to take the next few steps to get your dream London basement swimming pool installed whether you’re in the Chelsea, Clapham, Kensington, Wandsworth or the Fulham area. One would not even need to dig deep to install these pools thanks to moving floor technology, meaning that regardless of the areas aforementioned, there are always idea’s we as a basement conversion company can recommend.

It is important to make sure your London basement excavation company know how to approach a project such as this so that maintenance and hygiene of your pool are prepared for so that you have the highest quality basement you can have.


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London Basements & Party Walls

To the average individual, the term ‘party wall’ may be confusing and unclear, however the concept behind it should be easily recognisable by anyone especially homeowners who are looking to have a basement conversion.

History has shown that without property rights, a nation is less likely to thrive economically, socially and politically. Declaring boundaries is fundamental for society to thrive and live happily and this ties is closely with what party walls address. The Party Wall Act 1996 was created to aid homeowners and contractors to settle property disputes with home boundaries etc.

It is not difficult to comprehend the importance of this Act and one can imagine that the same restrictions should be applicable to basements, especially London basements. By law one must notify your neighbour of any basement expansion/construction if it is a semi-detached house or similar.

To deal with this, one can get a surveyor to look over your property design and to clarify where the boundaries lie for expansion. This is called a party wall award and can serve a number of benefits when considering development for your London basement. If one does not do that then there are a number of risk factors that may result in more payment for repairs and damages.

Disputes can be quite tiresome and difficult to settle so informing neighbours and being included is important to stay on good terms to minimise problems. This can be done by signing waivers between neighbours amongst other methods. There is a broad range of advice about this topic and we at Cavendish Basements can also assist.

Cavendish Basements has its own in house Surveying team that can advise on party walls. We can help with this process to minimise any risk factors and to advise you on your decisions/negotiations. Cavendish Basements can assist from the conception of the project with reaching out to the council for building permissions through to the implementation. Your London basement development will be carefully orchestrated so that the council, neighbours and yourself will be pleased with the construction and final product.


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Reasons to Consider Converting Your Basement in London

We at Cavendish Basements have briefly touched upon this subject in past blogs, however one can always find more benefits with converting your London basement. It can be a more simplistic method to mend many of your potential concerns so that you do not need to consider moving properties to appease them.


London basements are a phenomenon that are getting increasingly popular, however, still less than 10% of the houses constructed in London have a basement included as of a few years ago. But 75% of basement conversions inside of the UK occur in London and there are good reasons for it (Foxtons, 2017).


Getting more space is difficult to achieve in an area as densely populated as London so converting your basement is a fantastic way to achieve this. You do not lose any space on the ground level of your property (such as your garden) nor do you obstruct any views/natural lighting you receive. Often the basement can be developed off of the foundation of the house, however it is getting increasingly common to construct it under the garden.


Fairly congruent with this issue, If you have a growing family, space can get tough to come by and forces the question of whether moving properties is the answer. Although these extravagant and luxurious basements are being reported by media with bowling alleys and pools, often basements can be simply utilised as additional room spaces or bathrooms. This helps your additional family members to get the space they need without interfering with your properties ground level aesthetics.


Regardless of your reasons for needing more space whether its additional family members or due to developing tastes, converting your basement can often at times be cheaper than moving properties. This means it is a decision you should heavily consider instead of moving as the benefits could outweigh the cons. London is one of the most expensive places to move in the world and if the issues that are pressing you to move properties can be remedied with a basement conversion, it would be smart.


One of the lesser known but just as significant reasons to consider a basement conversion would be the energy efficiency aspect. Building a basement means more flooring and walls, which in turn brings insulation synergies that can allow your property to become more energy efficient. It means that your house will not overheat nor cool down rapidly and can result in your property becoming 10% more thermally efficient. This can lower your monthly costs and ultimately give you more space to grow a family.


If you think that converting your basement is your next move, please contact us at Cavendish Basements with any questions or concerns and we will help you take your London Basement to the next stage.


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Basement Construction in London Considering Your Neighbours?

With any kind of basement construction project there is an inconvenience that accompanies that. Not only can it trouble you but also your surrounding community and as we all know about London, space is tight. The professionals at Cavendish Basement take this into consideration when undertaking a new project and have developed a quick and basic guide to help you maintain those neighbours in good standing. This will give you a basic understanding of ways to approach your new London basement with people around you and to give you confidence that Cavendish Basements will be considerate on your behalf.



If you are serious about initiating a new London Basement project the first and most important step to maintaining good relationships with your neighbours is letting them know. This way there are no surprises when construction time rolls around. After you have alerted the neighbours to your plans, it is good to also let them know how long the project is expected to run as well as other basic facts surrounding it.

Cavendish Basements find that the earlier neighbours know about the plan, the better the project will be received by the local community.



Regardless of whether a basement is being dug out or merely being expanded, it is no easy feat. There will be a great deal of noise as well as mess that may not be the most aesthetically pleasing look for anyone. Cavendish Basement take pride in our organizational skills in minimising the mess that is associated with the project. Cavendish Basements find that this minimises the dangers as well as making it look clean. We also keep in mind where we park our vehicles and equipment so that we do not disrupt traffic flow of any kind.



Understandably no one wants to be woken up by jackhammers at 6 a.m. so any reputable London Basement Company would keep this in mind. We at Cavendish will stick strictly to reasonable business hours so that the project can be followed through smoothly with minimal interruption or complaints.

Do not let the fear of local disapproval get in the way of constructing your dream basement as there are ways around this. Contact us at Cavendish Basements here and we can organize a meeting so that you can get all of your concerns addressed.


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Mega Basements

Mega basements and Cavendish Basements  – Your number one London Basement Company

Mega basements, also known as iceberg basements, are a trending topic right now in both the media and amongst London Basement Companies. This trend was started by Foxton’s billionaire founder Jon Hunt who won a 10-year battle to get his basement approved in 2008. Jon Hunt is infamously trying to develop a mega basement to his property that will result in the size being approximately 51,129 square feet.

This is not your average basement conversions or developments with some of them being larger than the average UK home size. Sometimes referred to as subterranean mansions, mega basements are the next trend for the ultra wealthy.

These basements can vary in sizes, number of features and aesthetic directions with some basements being extreme, whilst others are more comfortable and conventional. The more extraordinary ones are commonly designed with swimming pool rooms, climbing walls, cinemas, bowling alleys and more. To put into perspective, the extent of luxury we are addressing here, Lakshmi Mittal, CEO of ArcelorMittal spent £128 million for his Kensington mansion. Another example is a former Canadian TV mogul, David Graham, who planned to triple his property size with a basement extension. This would include 15 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms as well as saunas, swimming pools, hot tubs, massage rooms and more.

Kensington Palace Gardens is one area that is often dubbed ‘billionaires row’ due to the high net worth home occupants. With these individuals wanting to build upon their properties with little space to work with laterally, they are forced to construct downwards.

This truly exemplifies how large these basement developments have the potential to be and puts in perspective how feasible a smaller project than this can be. Often times homeowners are hesitant to explore the idea of developing a basement for their London home due to the idea being unrealistic. These examples of mega basements should set in perspective the options you have to expand and Cavendish Basements can assist with this.

With projects like this, extravagant basement development could add millions of pounds of value to an already pricy property and provide real money return to the investor. “Robin Chatwin, head of Savills South West London, says that a basement digout in a London family home priced between £1.5m and £2m could add 10-15 per cent onto its value. The cost of building them also varies, depending on how far down you dig and the purpose of the extra space.” (CityAm, 2016). It is important to have a trust worthy London Basement Company to handle a project like this to see your resources are effectively handled.

How not to annoy your neighbours

Building these mega basements has come with a great deal of controversy from surrounding neighbours. The idea of these gigantic basements are not popular for obvious reasons, such as noise and inconvenience. So here are a few tips to minimise disruption to your neighbours to approach your mega London basement in a positive light. First you can hold a Q & A session with them to get most of their answers from either you or the construction company. You could also provide them with a quiet hours request to try and provide the neighbours with some peaceful hours in case they have a need for it. An example of this is they can only start construction after 9AM.

Mega basements are an exciting prospect to a London Basement Company like Cavendish Basements as we appreciate any project that pushes the imagination.

If you are based in London particularly Kensington, Chelsea, Clapham, Battersea, Wimbledon, Tooting and Balham we can find something that will provide you with an amazing property enhancement whether it is a conventional basement conversion or a ‘mega one’. We hope that the idea of so many basement options in your hands will excite you as well and inspires you to take action.


Click here to contact us now and we will help create your dream basement.


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