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When you come to Cavendish Basements with the intent to start organising a basement project for your property, we like to present you every option there is even if it seems unconventional. We pride ourselves on being able to treat every project as a unique experience and being able to tailor it to yourself and your needs. So in this article, we are going to cover some options you can consider when evaluating your London basement.

For example, if you are limited with space to build under your house, one could alternatively utilise their garden space to construct the basement under instead of the conventional idea of placing it under the house foundation. With garden basements in London, there are a range of options that one could play with when determining how they would want to use their new space.

One option that would be unique is using that garden basement as an office/work station because it can suit whatever profession you are in. Whether it be a simple office job or a professional musician/producer, this space could help you get away from the house and allow you to have a quiet (sound proofed) room. No matter your line of work, we at Cavendish Basements as a basement specialist company, are confident we could find you an exciting idea that will suit your needs.

Due to the constricted space in London, another potential use for a garden basement could be a storage area. This can be used as an underground garden shed or a subterranean winery depending on what you prefer. This will give you room to store bicycles, tools, garden equipment and more. In some cases, creating a winery under your garden allows you to have easy temperature controls and if space permits you, one could implement a bar down there. This would be a great spot to entertain guests or family and allows one to truly make it their own London basement.

London basements are often utilised as getaways from the house, which can result in some unique ideas for basements. For example, one could use their garden basement as a spa, sauna or pool to be able to relax in a stress free environment right by your house. This shows how important it is to think outside of the box when undertaking a project like this because you have a vast range of options.

We at Cavendish Basements are confident that we can guide you through this process with our team of professionals who can discuss every option you have to ensure your satisfaction with the end product. We are experienced basement construction specialists and with our experienced team, you can rely on us to implement your vision. Contact us here to get in touch and we will work hard to walk you through any information you would need to undertake a basement project for your home.



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