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Basement Lighting Ideas

When you construct your basement project it is important to plan and prepare for a multitude of things in order to minimise costs and to be satisfied with the end product. If you are taking the next steps with your basement it is most likely serving some purpose that was missing from your home and without planning may not satisfy that need, resulting in wasted resources. One factor that often slips people’s mind is basement lighting but as a London basement specialist company, we are here to give you some advice.

Luckily there are a few ways to go about this issue that your favourite specialist basement company can suggest to give your London basement the light it needs whilst still maintaining good aesthetics. For example, one could consider using window glazing on the roof of the basement to allow natural light to come through. This is an option that could keep your property looking modern, sleek but also effective. A similar idea can be used on doors in the basement as well as staircases to reflect as much light as possible to really increase basement lighting.

If your basement is placed so that there is no option for natural light to come through a window, there are still some options you can consider to still make your London basement be sufficiently lit and to feel inviting (Obviously, one could utilise these options as well as what has been mentioned beforehand).

Make the ceiling as high up as possible to allow more space in your basement and to reduce the feeling of being cramped, this will naturally help with the lighting as well. We are a basement excavation company as well as specialist basement conversion company all based in London so we can guide you through the process of ceiling heights and other suggestions mentioned here. Another option is to paint the walls with bright colours such as white and this will allow for more light to reflect to brighten up your basement project. A similar idea can be used for flooring as this will allow a whole other surface to contribute to providing more light. A simpler idea that can be used regardless of your choice, is use of lamps/artificial lighting to maximise basement lighting. This is simple but very effective, especially when used in tandem with the other ideas previously mentioned. By doing this you can light up those harder to reach corners and ultimately make your London basement, a much more pleasant place to be.

If you utilise these ideas, your basement is going to be far more inviting and be used more often. As basement construction specialists, we at Cavendish Basements take pride in what we specialise in and like to keep our customers informed. If you have any questions or wish to receive further details on ideas like this or how to get started with your own London basement, contact us here. We are confident that we can deliver a product you envision and ensure that all factors are considered before initiating the project in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

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