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Basement Construction in London Considering Your Neighbours?

With any kind of basement construction project there is an inconvenience that accompanies that. Not only can it trouble you but also your surrounding community and as we all know about London, space is tight. The professionals at Cavendish Basement take this into consideration when undertaking a new project and have developed a quick and basic guide to help you maintain those neighbours in good standing. This will give you a basic understanding of ways to approach your new London basement with people around you and to give you confidence that Cavendish Basements will be considerate on your behalf.



If you are serious about initiating a new London Basement project the first and most important step to maintaining good relationships with your neighbours is letting them know. This way there are no surprises when construction time rolls around. After you have alerted the neighbours to your plans, it is good to also let them know how long the project is expected to run as well as other basic facts surrounding it.

Cavendish Basements find that the earlier neighbours know about the plan, the better the project will be received by the local community.



Regardless of whether a basement is being dug out or merely being expanded, it is no easy feat. There will be a great deal of noise as well as mess that may not be the most aesthetically pleasing look for anyone. Cavendish Basement take pride in our organizational skills in minimising the mess that is associated with the project. Cavendish Basements find that this minimises the dangers as well as making it look clean. We also keep in mind where we park our vehicles and equipment so that we do not disrupt traffic flow of any kind.



Understandably no one wants to be woken up by jackhammers at 6 a.m. so any reputable London Basement Company would keep this in mind. We at Cavendish will stick strictly to reasonable business hours so that the project can be followed through smoothly with minimal interruption or complaints.

Do not let the fear of local disapproval get in the way of constructing your dream basement as there are ways around this. Contact us at Cavendish Basements here and we can organize a meeting so that you can get all of your concerns addressed.


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