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Month: July 2019

Why should you build a basement office in 2019

In this blog we will explore the concept of a basement office. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS)  number of UK workers who have moved into remote-working has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over a decade. According to research conducted by the BBC this can be translated into 74% increase and a third of employees feel their productivity has increased. (BBC, 2019) Many people may dispute this fact however the key to effective home working is the ability to separate your personal and working life under one roof. This is not just a case of buying a laptop and turning off the TV or working in your spare bedroom.

At Cavendish Basements we believe that a working professional who is based in London should invest in themselves and separate office space through a basement office conversion. Depending on your individual needs you can have a basement that covers half the footprint of your house and as you business grows you can extend at a later date. At Cavendish Basement we pride ourselves on our ability to offer an in house architect team who would be able to advise you further on this. Our team will also help you create basement office bespoke to your specification whether you are looking to maximise space or create a striking impression on clients – no challenge is impossible for Cavendish Basements. Also our in house architects team will be able to save you money in the long run since a carefully designed basement office can bring a lot of natural light into your basement along with a good quality insulation.

Furthermore a basement office will not only help your business grow but it should be noted homeowners can benefit from significant property value increase through a basement conversion. This is an important issues we have covered in one of our previous blogs.

If you are considering a basement conversion why not contact us for a free on site survey with our Estimator Team.