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Month: May 2018

Your new London Basement or Penthouse?

Often when one thinks of a basement, typically a dusty, dark uncomfortable image comes to mind, however, are perceptions starting to change in this new age? Are London basements starting to become more valued as space becomes tougher to come by? Some think so and as a specialist basement conversion company, we at Cavendish Basements believe so as well.


We also think that basements reflect your tastes as well as whatever purpose you want it to serve and because of this one could easily transform their basement into a luxurious penthouse getaway. With some basements consisting of multiple rooms and being as large as the property on the surface, this is not too hard to imagine.


By digging and expanding your home underground there are almost infinite combinations one could toy with in order to customize their own penthouse basement and increase property values. This means that any family or property owner can consider this project and tailor it to their own needs and wants. Due to the diverse range of sizes that basements can consist of also makes the service very customisable to your own vision, from a small luxurious basement suite all the way through to a multi-story excavation that contains swimming pools, gyms, cinemas and more. This makes it a very exciting prospect for homeowners and means anyone can get involved. As established basement construction specialists, we are confident that we can orientate you on your plans and help you execute your very own penthouse.


Basement construction requires specialists that are confident in their products and skills. We at Cavendish Basements like to reflect both of these traits in every project we undertake and if your plan is to make your basement echo a penthouse finish, then this will be crucial. We have touched slightly on different options one could toy with for their basement penthouse such as swimming pool considerations and gymshere. We are confident that no matter what direction you wish to take your venture, Cavendish Basements can help you achieve that vision and even help work with you to see what other options are at your disposal.


If you would like to start tailoring your penthouse basement or have any questions, contact Cavendish Basements here and we as London basement specialists can help you get started.


Thomas Schutte.