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Month: April 2018

London basement swimming pool

Often times our potential as individuals are limited to what we think we are and are not capable of. This can result in missed opportunity, so one way to avoid this is by keeping your mind open to what you want without thinking if it is possible first.

This brings me to the topic of the day, which is about your London basement swimming pool. This may seem unfeasible, especially living in London but we as a basement conversion company can advise you on how to approach this exciting new project. The following is a basic and brief idea of what processes need to occur for this installation: site survey, contract signing, design/planning, Party Wall agreements (see last week’s blog) through to the construction stages.

Depending on the build of your house there are a few types of pools you can choose from, so virtually anyone can get a pool done in their property’s basement. These include but are not limited to, lap pools, hot tubs, hidden pools with retractable flooring or even the conventional natural swimming pool. Most popular choices along with the pool include saunas, gyms & steam rooms but the exciting aspect is getting to personalise it to your taste. Even if you are a customer with a basement pool with chlorine, it is possible to convert that into a freshwater pool thanks to biometric technology. This is why it is important to not assume you cannot achieve your basement dream and that exploring your options is always worth it. At Cavendish Basements we are confident we can advise you on those options and guide you to achieving your dream property.

Planning is vital to the success of this project as there are many rules and regulations that need to be followed such as size and depth restrictions. If you contact us here at Cavendish Basements, we will assess your space and advise you on your potential options to make this project run as smoothly and quickly as possible to minimise inconveniences. It is also important to realise what you want out of your swimming area including water type. Luckily there are more options for your pool water so that your basement will not constantly smell like chlorine, therefore freshwater pools are typically the favourite of consumers.

Do not assume that you cannot achieve this dream simply because you live in London and have no space. We at Cavendish Basement can help you to take the next few steps to get your dream London basement swimming pool installed whether you’re in the Chelsea, Clapham, Kensington, Wandsworth or the Fulham area. One would not even need to dig deep to install these pools thanks to moving floor technology, meaning that regardless of the areas aforementioned, there are always idea’s we as a basement conversion company can recommend.

It is important to make sure your London basement excavation company know how to approach a project such as this so that maintenance and hygiene of your pool are prepared for so that you have the highest quality basement you can have.


Thomas Schutte.