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Month: March 2018

London Basements & Party Walls

To the average individual, the term ‘party wall’ may be confusing and unclear, however the concept behind it should be easily recognisable by anyone especially homeowners who are looking to have a basement conversion.

History has shown that without property rights, a nation is less likely to thrive economically, socially and politically. Declaring boundaries is fundamental for society to thrive and live happily and this ties is closely with what party walls address. The Party Wall Act 1996 was created to aid homeowners and contractors to settle property disputes with home boundaries etc.

It is not difficult to comprehend the importance of this Act and one can imagine that the same restrictions should be applicable to basements, especially London basements. By law one must notify your neighbour of any basement expansion/construction if it is a semi-detached house or similar.

To deal with this, one can get a surveyor to look over your property design and to clarify where the boundaries lie for expansion. This is called a party wall award and can serve a number of benefits when considering development for your London basement. If one does not do that then there are a number of risk factors that may result in more payment for repairs and damages.

Disputes can be quite tiresome and difficult to settle so informing neighbours and being included is important to stay on good terms to minimise problems. This can be done by signing waivers between neighbours amongst other methods. There is a broad range of advice about this topic and we at Cavendish Basements can also assist.

Cavendish Basements has its own in house Surveying team that can advise on party walls. We can help with this process to minimise any risk factors and to advise you on your decisions/negotiations. Cavendish Basements can assist from the conception of the project with reaching out to the council for building permissions through to the implementation. Your London basement development will be carefully orchestrated so that the council, neighbours and yourself will be pleased with the construction and final product.


Thomas Schutte.