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Month: February 2018

Reasons to Consider Converting Your Basement in London

We at Cavendish Basements have briefly touched upon this subject in past blogs, however one can always find more benefits with converting your London basement. It can be a more simplistic method to mend many of your potential concerns so that you do not need to consider moving properties to appease them.


London basements are a phenomenon that are getting increasingly popular, however, still less than 10% of the houses constructed in London have a basement included as of a few years ago. But 75% of basement conversions inside of the UK occur in London and there are good reasons for it (Foxtons, 2017).


Getting more space is difficult to achieve in an area as densely populated as London so converting your basement is a fantastic way to achieve this. You do not lose any space on the ground level of your property (such as your garden) nor do you obstruct any views/natural lighting you receive. Often the basement can be developed off of the foundation of the house, however it is getting increasingly common to construct it under the garden.


Fairly congruent with this issue, If you have a growing family, space can get tough to come by and forces the question of whether moving properties is the answer. Although these extravagant and luxurious basements are being reported by media with bowling alleys and pools, often basements can be simply utilised as additional room spaces or bathrooms. This helps your additional family members to get the space they need without interfering with your properties ground level aesthetics.


Regardless of your reasons for needing more space whether its additional family members or due to developing tastes, converting your basement can often at times be cheaper than moving properties. This means it is a decision you should heavily consider instead of moving as the benefits could outweigh the cons. London is one of the most expensive places to move in the world and if the issues that are pressing you to move properties can be remedied with a basement conversion, it would be smart.


One of the lesser known but just as significant reasons to consider a basement conversion would be the energy efficiency aspect. Building a basement means more flooring and walls, which in turn brings insulation synergies that can allow your property to become more energy efficient. It means that your house will not overheat nor cool down rapidly and can result in your property becoming 10% more thermally efficient. This can lower your monthly costs and ultimately give you more space to grow a family.


If you think that converting your basement is your next move, please contact us at Cavendish Basements with any questions or concerns and we will help you take your London Basement to the next stage.


Thomas Schutte.